Architect of Iraq War Headlines Top Secret Event to Rescue Zinke’s Floundering Campaign

Architect of Iraq War Headlines Top Secret Event to Rescue Zinke’s Floundering Campaign
 Zinke Gets Another Out-of-State Bailout from anti-privacy, pro-spying, pro-war advocate Dick Cheney

(Helena, MT) – After failing to do what Republican candidates for U.S. House in Montana have done for the past 14 years (earn the endorsement of the Billings Gazette) - former super PAC chairman Ryan Zinke continues his desperate attempt to excite an unenthusiastic base by bringing in out-of-state dark money friends to bail him out.
It’s not surprising that Zinke called in Dick Cheney to save his flailing campaign – Zinke and Cheney have a lot in common when it comes to issues important to Montana.
 Zinke and Cheney have poor aim when it comes to the 2nd amendment
Cheney’s poor aim is quite literal. In 2006, Cheney shot a man in the face with a shotgun while hunting quail.
Zinke has poor aim by misrepresenting his record on 2nd amendment. Despite his rhetoric otherwise, Zinke has a 42% lifetime rating from the NRA and an 8% from the Montana Shooting Sports Association.  Zinke’s abysmal rating stem from his openness to increased background checks and stronger state restrictions on guns. Zinke has also faced backlash from within his own party for his anti-gun record. The National Association of Gun Rights stated that “Zinke is on record voting AGAINST your gun rights” and former state senator Cory Stapleton said the Zinke has flip-flopped on gun issues.
Zinke and Cheney both advocated for sending troops to the Middle East
As vice president, Cheney was a key architect of the Iraq War, which sent hundreds of Montana men and women to the Middle East. He later went on to say the Iraq War was the “right decision” despite the loss of life and public dissatisfaction with the decision.
Ryan Zinke has also advocated for boots on the ground in Iraq. At recent debate, Zinke made the same knee jerk reaction to conflict in the Middle East as Cheney by calling on sending troops to Iraq.
Zinke and Cheney have both pushed an anti-privacy agenda.
While vice president, Cheney advocated and supported the National Security Agency’s domestic surveillance program, which allowed spying on law-abiding Americans.
Ryan Zinke worked extensively in the drone industry—partnering with them as a State Senator—pushing for greater access to Montana skies for unmanned aircrafts.  During the primary, Zinke was called out for his support to expand drone surveillance of private citizens.
“Like they say, birds of a feather will flock together, and Ryan Zinke and Dick Cheney are no different with their anti-privacy, pro-spying, pro-war agendas,”said Bryan Watt, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party. “The theme of Ryan Zinke’s campaign has been to kiss the ring of anti-Montana, out-of-state special interests. Montana deserves better than another yes man for Dick Cheney.”

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