6 Questions Rick Hill Should Be Asked This Week On Health Care

6 Questions Rick Hill Should Be Asked This Week On Health Care


Helena, Mont. – Rick Hill, from the halls of congress to insurance executive board rooms, has a proven track record on health care that raises questions - questions he should be asked this week. 


6 Questions That Rick Hill Should Be Asked This Week On Heath Care:

1.       As a former insurance company executive, why do you believe that insurance companies should be allowed to discriminate against women when setting premiums (1)?


2.       While serving as an executive at an insurance company, why did you support double-digit rate increases – in some cases up to 35 percent (2)?


3.       Why did you back the insurance company you were a board member of when it improperly raised insurance rates of family farmers by 21 percent (3)?


4.       In congress, why did you support billions of dollars in Medicare cuts, as well as billions of dollars in health oxygen benefits to seniors and the disabled (4)?


5.       Why did you approve million dollar bonuses for insurance executives at your company, which were financed by raising premiums on hardworking Montanans (5)?


6.       In Congress, why did you oppose regulation of the health care industry, which could have the same catastrophic impact as your votes to deregulate Wall Street (6)?


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