36 State Insurance Commissioners Oppose Graham-Cassidy…But Not Rosendale

Helena – While efforts to repeal the current health care bill have stalled for now, the Great Falls Tribune reported yesterday that Monica Lindeen and John Morrison, two former Montana insurance commissioners, joined 36 current and former insurance commissioner in signing a letter to leaders in the House and Senate asking them to oppose the Graham-Cassidy proposal because it would increase premiums and disrupt insurance markets.
Current Insurance Commissioner Matt Rosendale did not.
Rosendale’s spokesman noted in the story he was “very disappointed” that Congress didn’t pass the bill, which every major patient, provider, and hospital group has opposed, and independent analysts said would increase premiums and increase the number of people without health insurance.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday decided not to vote on the bill because it failed to earn even a simple majority of votes, with bipartisan opposition to the bad bill. 
Rosendale has failed to show leadership on this health care issue, and instead bucked many of his colleagues in the state and around the country who are working to bring state insurance markets more stability and predictability in favor of pushing for what he thinks will score him political points.
“As current and former state commissioners from around the country speak out against higher premiums and disrupted insurance markets, Matt Rosendale continues to do nothing in defense of Montanans who would see their costs go up or who get kicked off their insurance,” said Chris Meagher, spokesman for the Montana Democratic Party. 



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