25 Days Later: Daines Will Be Deciding Vote on Health Care

Helena – 25 days after Senate Leadership first unveiled the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA), 21 days since the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office projected that the bill would cut Medicaid by $772 billion, and 20 days after the Montana Healthcare Foundation estimated that more than 75,000 Montanans would lose insurance under the plan, Steve Daines still cannot decide what he thinks about the bill.
Daines continues to dodge questions and his constituents at every turn, refusing to hold any in-person town halls with Montanans despite four weekend opportunities to be home and a week-long recess since the BCRA was made public.
Even now, it’s not clear how much longer will Montanans have to wait for Daines to explain his position. But with 50 Senators opposed, Daines is now the deciding vote.
So, is Steve Daines willing to be the deciding “yes” vote on a health care bill that would kick more than 75,000 Montanans off their health insurance?
When asked over the weekend if Daines’ had finally arrived at a position on the bill, his office explained, “Senator Daines is currently reviewing the bill while waiting for additional analysis on the bill and listening to Montanans.”
That’s sounds like a reasonable excuse, if he were actually reviewing the bill and listening to Montanans. But while Montana continues to wait for Daines to decide how he’s going to vote on legislation that has been extensively analyzed, showing it would hurt millions of people and close rural hospitals, he still managed to find time to attend a Zac Brown Band concert on Sunday... in Virginia.



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