10 days, 10 ways MT Dems work for you. Day 9: Indian Country

With just 10 days left until Election Day, when it comes to getting things done on behalf of all Montanans, the Montana Democrats are hard at work. In case you missed it, here's what we have fought for and will always fight for.

Montana’s Democrats respect and honor our relationship with Indian Country. Whether it’s been strengthening Native communities through advancing tribal sovereignty, upholding trust responsibilities or fostering economic development opportunities, Democrats have brought Native American voices to the table.

Under Montana Democrats’ leadership ...

  • Gov. Steve Bullock, along with State Superintendent and U.S. House Candidate Denise Juneau, have secured funding for the Montana Indian Language Preservation program.

  • Gov. Bullock allocated $1.6 million to tribes, Native-owned businesses and Native American business advisers to create more jobs.

  • Superintendent Juneau has improved graduation rates and decreased dropout rates of Native students and has developed “the best program the country currently has for turning around native schools.” [The Nation, 6/3/2016]

  • Democrats in the Montana Legislature lead the effort to pass the Confederated Salish Kootenai Tribe’s Water Compact in 2015.

  • Sen. Jon Tester has lead efforts to pass legislation implementing the Cobell Settlement to right historical wrongs against Native families.

Meanwhile Montana Republicans ...

  • Congressman Ryan Zinke has opposed federal reauthorization of the Indian Healthcare Improvement Act and the Violence Against Women Act.

  • Matt Rosendale and Elsie Arntzen both voted against the bipartisan, CSKT Water Compact in 2015.

  • Greg Gianforte has made disparaging remarks about Native Americans, at one time saying: “There are some basic things that are required for a free market to prosper and some of these things don't exist on our reservations. Consistent rule of law. Respect of property rights. A lack of nepotism. The ability to keep the fruits of your labor. And a cultural norm that celebrates success. These things exist in very limited forms on these reservations."

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