10 days, 10 ways MT Dems support you; Day 8: Good jobs

With just days left until Election Day, when it comes to getting things done on behalf of all Montanans, the Montana Democrats are hard at work. In case you missed it, here's what we have fought for and will always fight for.

Montana’s Democrats believe good-paying jobs for Montana benefits everyone. We’ve been hard at work creating a better economy for the state and generations to come.

Our accomplishments:

Our opponents:

  • Congressman Zinke voted twice against funding for manufacturing training and job support. [H.R. 2578, Esty Amendment,Vote #271, 6/02/15; CQ Bill Tracker,6/02/15; H Res 70,Vote #54, 2/03/15; Democratic Leader – Previous Questions,2/03/15; Politifact,9/30/11]

  • In 2015, Republicans voted down a bi-partisan infrastructure bill that would provide much-needed jobs across this state.

  • Gubernatorial candidate Greg Gianforte supports right to work legislation. He’s campaigning solely on more job creation for this state, but was responsible for outsourcing of jobs at his own company, RightNow Technologies.

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