Year in Review for Greg Gianforte: Four Reasons He Doesn't Represent Montana's Values

Part Four: Gianforte Supports Tax Breaks for the Wealthy Like Himself

Gianforte Would Raise Taxes on Montana's Middle Class Families

Gianforte Would Blow a $30 Million Dollar Hole in Montana's Rainy Day Fund\

As we approach the end of the year and many begin to look forward to what 2016 may hold, New Jersey billionaire Greg Gianforte is probably just glad the year is over.

In just the last 12 months, Gianforte has said and done a lot to lead us to question his motives behind his run for Governor. But most recently he confirmed his support for a tax bill that only benefits the wealthy like himself, hurts middle class families, and threatens our state's fiscal prudence. 

Just this month, in an interview with the Daily Inter Lake, Greg Gianforte is quoted saying he "would have signed" Sen. Bruce Tutvedt's tax bill. 

Sen. Bruce Tutvedt's tax bill would have:

  • Lowered taxes for the ultra-wealthy like Greg Gianforte; 
  • Raised income taxes for approximately 17 percent or 75,000 of Montana's income taxpayers; 
  • Blown a $30 million hole in Montana's rainy day fund; and
  • Undermined the state's fiscal responsibility.

Governor Bullock rightly vetoed this legislation.

It should be no surprise that Greg Gianforte wants  to give tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires like himself while throwing the middle class and our state's fiscal strength under the bus. Under Governor Bullock, Montana has been named the 6th most 'tax competitive' state. But all that would go away in a heartbeat if Gianforte has his way.

Through the month of December, the Montana Democrats have taken a weekly look at Gianforte's awful 2015. To read previous releases in the series of Gianforte's Year in Review, click the below links:

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