Republican Legislators Report Card: F


HELENA -- As Republican legislators travel back to their districts for the transmittal break, marking the halfway point of the session, here is a quick look at how they performed so far:

1. Create Jobs Across Montana F
Republicans continue to purposefully stall passage of a comprehensive infrastructure package sitting squarely on their lap. Governor Bullock and Democratic legislators want this bill on the Governor's desk right away to put Montanans to work, but Republicans choose to play politics with these good-paying jobs instead. 

2. Expand Access to Public Lands and Streams F
As Governor Bullock and Democrats stand up to keep public lands in public hands, Republicans voted not oncebut twice against prohibiting the sale of our public lands to the highest bidder. Republicans also killed a measure that would have expanded access to our public lands

3. Strengthen Montana's Public Schools 
As Governor Bullock and Democrats look for ways to invest in Montana's kids, Republicans voted not oncebut twice against special education funding. Republicans also actively worked to divert money from our public schools to private institutions and privatize education in the state.

4. Fight for Montana Workers F
As Governor Bullock and Democrats stand up for Montana's workers, Republicans push for measures that would lower wages and hurt Montana workers. Not only did Republicans block a measure to raise Montana's minimum wage, but they pushed for bills that would lower wages for constructions workers and would allow some employers to avoid paying minimum wage and overtime

5. Make Government More Transparent and Accountable F
As Governor Bullock and Democrats work to make government more transparent and accountable, Republicans are trying to find ways to keep our elections in the dark. Republicans are working to make the office of political practices, the nonpartisan regulator of campaign finance laws, less effective and have even attempted to dismantle the office completely.


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