Medicaid Expansion is an Economic Driver in Montana, but Greg Gianforte Still Opposes

Today Governor Bullock announced that Montana cleared a final hurdle and will be bringing our taxpayer dollars home to strengthen our economy and provide access to affordable healthcare for more than 70,000 Montanans. Bullock worked across the aisle and brought all parties together to make today's announcement possible, meanwhile, Greg Gianforte is a member of the irresponsible Tea Party Republicans that fought Medicaid expansion every step of the way.

"As Montana celebrates news that our taxpayer dollars are coming home to strengthen our economy and provide 70,000 more Montanans access to affordable healthcare, Greg Gianforte joins with the reckless Tea Party Republicans that oppose it," said Jason Pitt, Communications Director for the Montana Democratic Party. "Montana has a leader in Bullock who works across the aisle to strengthen our economy and provide access to affordable healthcare for more Montanans. But if Gianforte had his way, he and his irresponsible Republican allies would turn back the clock, blow a hole in our state's budget, and take this health care access away."

Gianforte has publicly criticized Medicaid expansion in Montana and has donated to Americans for Prosperity, the group that led the fight against the HELP Act, and believes that there are "millions of Montanans." 

Additionally, every single Montana legislator that donated to Greg Gianforte, voted against the HELP Act:

  • Rep. Matthew Monforton
  • Rep. Stephanie Hess
  • Rep. Keith Regier
  • Sen. Kristin Hansen 
  • Sen. Jedediah Hinkle 
  • Sen. Debby Barrett 
  • Sen. Nels Swandal 

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