Is Greg Gianforte Even Running for Congress?

HELENA – Crickets on Facebook. Silence on twitter. Public events? Ha!


So many Montanans are asking where New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte has been these days, they went ahead and mocked up MISSING postersEven his own friends are wondering what is up.


But yesterday we saw the first sign of life from Gianforte’s silent campaign in weeks. Did he head out and meet with voters? Or come out in support of allowing counties to conduct next month’s special election by mail, as Rob Quist called on him to do?


Nope. Gianforte gave an interview to CNN’s Lauren Fox – and didn’t even have to leave his Bozeman mansion.


We’re wondering if Gianforte mentioned how he sued the people of Montana to block public fishing access to that stream running through his backyard.

Or if their chat about the American Health Care Act (AHCA) covered why Gianforte was in Washington, D.C. dining with backers of a bill that would have raised Montanans' premiums by an average of $306 every month.

But most of all, we’re wondering if Greg Gianforte is even running for Congress. Because it sure doesn’t look like it. 


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