Gianforte's Long History Advocating for Tax Breaks for the Super Rich, Like Himself

On the heels of an Associated Press report detailing Greg Gianforte to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, we now understand why he's been a constant advocate for a tax code that benefits multi-millionaires like himself at the expense of middle class families.

INTERVIEW: Last month, Greg Gianforte is quoted saying he "would have signed" Sen. Bruce Tutvedt's tax bill. This bill would have:

  • Lowered taxes for the ultra-wealthy like Greg Gianforte; 
  • Raised income taxes for approximately 17 percent or 75,000 of Montana's income taxpayers; 
  • Blown a $30 million hole in Montana's rainy day fund; and
  • Undermined the state's fiscal responsibility.

Gianforte's long history fighting for tax breaks that benefit the ultra-wealthy like himself at the expense of middle class families is flat out irresponsible. As we learn more about his finances, one thing is certain: Gianforte has only ever supported tax breaks for the super rich, like himself, not middle class Montana families.

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