Gianforte Caught Misleading Montanans, Again

Last week, Greg Gianforte authored his first opinion article since he filed to run for Governor, and it was immediately fact checked by editors. 

"So far, Greg Gianforte's entire campaign has been to mislead Montanans, whitewash his record, and erase his past," said Jason Pitt, Communications Director for the Montana Democratic Party. "As Gianforte continues to ignore the facts and deceive voters, he just reminds us that he does not represent the values Montanans care most about, like honesty."

Immediately after Gianforte submitted an opinion article to falsely attack Governor Steve Bullock on his position to protect Montana's coal jobs, and address climate change, editors were forced to make a clarification.

This is not the first time Gianforte has attempted to mislead Montanans or whitewash his record. 

  • Gianforte falsely said "discrimination is wrong," when his record shows he led the fight against Bozeman's Non-Discrimination Ordinance.
  • Gianforte falsely said his comments on Social Security were not true, when in fact audio confirmsthat he said the "concept of retirement is not biblical" and everyone has an "obligation to work."
  • Gianforte falsely said he believes there should be transparency in elections, yet he has donated $100,000 to the RGA, attended their Las Vegas conference last week, and has supported dark money groups like Americans for Prosperity.

Apparently Greg Gianforte doesn't think honesty is a Montana value.

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