Montana Democratic Party Statement on House Passage of Ryan Budget

(Helena, MT) – Montana Democratic Party executive director Andrea Marcoccio released the following statement today following Congressman Steve Daines’ vote for the Ryan budget that would raise taxes on middle class families while cutting taxes for millionaires:

“It’s clear that Montana families, seniors, students and veterans are not a priority for Congressman Daines. His vote for the Ryan Budget only protects himself and his fellow millionaires.  It’s self-serving that Congressman Daines would give himself a tax cut, while raising taxes on the middle class, increasing Medicare costs for seniors, ending financial assistance for low-income students, and cutting hunger programs for the most vulnerable.

“As if that’s not enough, Congressman Daines vote could result in Montana’s public lands being sold off in order to pay for tax breaks for corporations that ship jobs overseas. 

“Congressman Daines was sent to Washington to do what’s best for Montana, but since his first day in Congress, Daines has only looked out for himself. It’s time Congressman Daines do what's right for Montana.”




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