“Dishonest” Daines’ Rhetoric Doesn’t Match Voting Record

Congressman “fails to mention” his votes to raise debt ceiling, sided with corporations that ship jobs overseas

(Helena, MT) – Congressman Daines may be “too busy” to debate his primary opponents or answer tough questions, but when he does pluck up the courage to talk to Montanans, his rhetoric doesn’t match his voting record in Washington.

In a recent TV ad, Daines highlights his opposition to raising the debt ceiling, but fails to mention his two votes to do just that.

Daines also leaves out his work to open factories in China while the company he worked for closed factories in the United States and fired 4,000 American workers. Daines also supports protecting tax breaks for corporations that ship jobs overseas while raising taxes on middle class families by $2,000 a year.

It doesn’t end there. In a recent TV interview, Congressman Daines says he does not support outlawing birth control. However, Daines sponsored a “personhood” bill that could effectively outlaw common forms of birth control.

In that same interview, Daines stated that Montanans “don’t want to be told what our health care choices have to be,” but Daines has voted numerous times to dismantle a women’s right to make her own health care decisions including support for a constitutional amendment outlawing abortion even in cases of rape or incest.

“Congressman Daines has a habit of saying one thing in Montana and doing another in Washington, but Montanans see right through it,” said Bryan Watt, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party. “Daines will say whatever it takes to get elected.”

Daines has a long history of hypocrisy. Earlier this year, Daines posed for a photo-op with Meals on Wheels after voting to gut the program and take food away from vulnerable seniors. Watch the KECI news report here.

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