Jacob Bachmeier: The right choice for Havre

    • hess

      Stephanie Hess Voted:

      To take away taxpayer dollars from public schools.1
       Against funding for victims of Child Abuse.2
      Against Infrastructure Projects Across the Hi-Line, Including Havre. 3






1. HB322, Yes 2nd Reading 2/13/2015, Yes 3rd Reading 2/23/2015]

2. [HB02 B004, No 2nd Reading 3/18/2015]

3.[SB416, Yes 2nd Reading 4/23/2015, No 3rd Reading 4/25/2015, Yes 3rd Reading 4/25/2015, Yes 3rd Reading 4/27/2015]

    • Bachmeier

      Jacob Bachmeier:

Supports Public Education
Supports Protecting Victims of Child Abuse.
Supports Infrastructure Improvements


For more information on Jacob Bachmier, go to: Jacob Bachmier's Facebook Page. 



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