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We believe in equality for all people, and as Montanans we have a particular obligation to partner with Montana's first people. Montana Democrats have always valued our relationship with Native voters, and Native voters have been a core element of the Democratic coalition in Montana. 

For Montana Democrats, elections are always close. Republicans hold a statewide advantage in partisan identification, so every vote matters for Democrats. Past programs on reservations from both parties have focused only on contacting Indian voters at the end of the election season to encourage them to register and vote. 

With the creation of the Native Vote Program, Montana Democrats are revamping our approach to make Native outreach a permanent, sustaining part of our political program. This plan takes nothing for granted, and will focus on all aspects of Native participation: registration, persuasion, and mobilization. We will work to create an alliance that is worthy of the relationship between Democrats and Indian Country in Montana. 

The Native Vote Program will:

  • The Native Vote Program will become a permanent position that will continue beyond the end of the 2016 cycle. We hope this sustainable position will create long-term relationships and insight into the most effective way to work with Native communities in Montana - both on the reservations and off. 
  • Create a political program that amplifies the good work already being done through Montana Native Vote and Western Native Voice. We plan to complement, not duplicate the work of these organizations so that working together we can elect candidates like Senator Jon Tester, Denise Juneau, and Governor Steve Bullock. 

In the end, it's the person-to-person voter contact on the ground that will make the difference in increasing the Native vote. The Native Vote Program will increase the political power of Montana's tribes and ensure a voice for Native people in bringing about a better future. 

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For more information on how to get involved please contact:

Amy Croover - Native Vote Program Director


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